Bsc Biology

1. Classification of kingdom Protista in Hindi
2. Classification of Kingdom Monera in Hindi
3. Cellular Structure and General Characters of Mycoplasma in Hindi || Mycoplasmal diseases of human beings
4. Cyanobacteria cell structure and Ecological importance in Hindi || water bloom or algal bloom
5. Economic importance of Lichens in Hindi
6. Structure and Classification of Lichens in Hindi
7. Structure of Viroids and Prions and their diseases in plants and human in Hindi
8. Transmission of Viruses in Hindi || comparative study of viruses, viroids and prions in Hindi
9. Chemical composition of virus || viral diseases in plants and animal
10. Virus structure and function in Hindi. Living and nonliving properties of virus
11. Economics importance of Fungi in Hindi
12. Economic importance of Algae in Hindi
13. Economics Importance of Bacteria in Hindi part-2
14. Economics Importance of Bacteria in Hindi part-1
15. Harmful activities of Bacteria in Hindi
16. Reproduction in bacteria part-2 , or sexual reproduction in bacteria in Hindi
17. Reproduction in bacteria in Hindi
18. Nutrition of bacteria in Hindi
19. Difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration in hindi
20. Respiration in Hind
21. Bacteria structure and function in Hindi
22. Types of bacteria in Hindi
23. Difference between Respiration and Photosynthesis in Hindi
24. Brain’s function and corpus callosum a part of brain
25. Difference between blood and lymph in Hindi
26. Human brain structure and function in Hindi
27. Dialysis or hemodialysis in hindi
28. Nephron structure and function in Hindi
29. Difference between arteries and veins
30. Difference between meiosis and mitosis in hindi
31. Hormones deficiency diseases list in hindi
32. Diseases caused by hypersecretion of hormones in hindi
33. Endocrine glands and their function
34. Specific cells and their functions in animals, part-2
35. Specific cells and their functions in animals
36. Exocrine glands, बहिस्त्रावी ग्रंथियाँ
37. Important branches of biology ,प्राणी शास्त्र की प्रमुख शाखाएँ, part-2
38. Important branches of biology ,प्राणी शास्त्र की प्रमुख शाखाएँ
39. Different Types of plant in Hindi, पादपों के प्रकार हिंदी में
40. Important ores and their Formula
41. Cell organelles and their fuction in Hindi
42. Virus diseases and viral agents
43. विटामिन ,Vitamin part-2
44. विटामिन ,Vitamin part-1
45. प्रोकेरियोट कोशिका व यूकेरियोट कोशिका में अन्तर
46. प्राणी शास्त्र की विचित्रताएँ, general science knowladge in zoology
47. प्रथम नामकरण (First Nomenclature) in zoology
48. प्रमुख जीव शास्त्री ,important biologist or zoologist
49. मानव शरीर का सामान्य परिचय, general knowladge about human body
50. रक्त स्कंदन कारक (Blood cloting factor)
51. जीवाणु जनित रोग(Bacterial diseases)
52. HIV Virus and AIDS
53. मेंडल के नियम अथवा वंशागति के सिद्धांत

54. Bacterial diseases of Plants in Hindi

55. Viral Diseases of Plants in Hindi

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